What is Advent Fellowship?

Advent Fellowship is a society of Seventh-Day Adventist students at The University of Technology and The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.


Why come to Adfel? 

Adfel is your home away from home where you will find young people like yourself who are passionate about the Lord and the work He has mandated His servants to do. Adfel operates on three Fs: Fellowship, Food and fun. Join us in fellowship as we feast on the spiritual and physical food and have fun.


When Do we meet?

  • General Fellowship: Every Friday at 7:15pm in the Main Medical Lecture theatre (MMLT).
  • UWI Day Fellowship: Every Thursday at 2:15pm in the Humanities and Education Lecture Room 04.
  • UTECH Fellowship: Every Monday at 3-5pm and Wednesday at 6-8pm at the Chapel. iWitness is every Friday at 11:30am at Utech Ventist Tree.


News and Announcements & Upcoming Events?

Please see the respective tabs.


Social Media?

Find us:

  • INSTAGRAM: @adfelja

  • TWITTER: @adfelja

  • FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/adfelja


Advent Fellowship Past Presidents                         

 1969     No President elected
 1970     No President elected
 1971     Handel Bowen
 1972     Arthur Lake
 1973     Andel Bailey
 1974     Neville Condappa
 1975     Errol Bryce
 1976     Oliver Myers
 1977     Patricia Brown
 1978     Charles Clayton
 1979     Clive Bowen
 1980     St. Clair Thomas
 1981     Paul Pryce
 1982     Wycliffe Wright
 1983     Vaughn Thomas
 1984     Garth Brown
 1985     Ansel Brown
 1986     Bentley Thompson
 1987     Encile Brown
 1988     Winston Gentles
 1989     Sonia Edwards-Brissett
 1990     Lincoln Sergeant
 1991     Donna-Marie Francis-Bignall
 1992     Henry Blythe
 1993     Philbert Lindsay
 1994     Nina Nelson
 1995     Donovan Williams
 1996     Anthony Patterson
 1997     Devon Robertson
 1998     Rohan McNellie
 1999     Rohan McNellie
 2000     Christopher Johnson
 2001     Guyan Channer
 2002     Orville Williams
 2003     Garrett Gordon
 2004     Ricardo Carr
 2005     Layne Robinson
 2006     Adrian Lindsay
 2007     Clive Forde
 2008     Andrew Francis
 2009     Andrew Francis
 2010     Camisha Miller
 2011     Rohan Smith
 2012     Harrone Guthrie
 2013     Sasha-Kae Anderson
 2014     Giovanni Maddix
 2015     Reece Whyte
 2016     Sherika Grierson
 2017     Karim Campbell
 2018     Glowmaine Rowe
 2019     Xaundre Mohansing