50 years of Faith, Fellowship and Service 2019 is a celebration year as the society of Adventist students at the University Hospital of the West Indies, University of the West Indies (UWI) and the University of Technology, Jamaica, better known as Advent Fellowship, celebrates its fiftieth year of existence. 

The anniversary, which will be observed under the theme “This Far, by Faith’, will capture Advent Fellowship’s 50-year journey as it reflects and highlights the achievements of its members as well as the various outreach, evangelistic, charitable and healthy lifestyle initiatives undertaken throughout the lifetime of the society.

 “Fifty years is an accomplishment; it shows the commitment and dedication of young people and what they can achieve when they trust in Christ. That’s something that isn’t popular in our generation” says Xaundre Mohansingh, President of Advent Fellowship. 

“We are a testament that being a Christian on campus is not just about spiritual and academic pursuits; we can have healthy and social lives and we can impact our community; Young people can achieve great things when we are united by God.” 

A special anniversary committee consisting of several alumni has been established and among the plans for the year are an anniversary launch, documentary and magazine. The committee is also expecting to distribute grants to some student members under a very exciting 50th -anniversary Bursary project. 

Since 1969, the fellowship has operated as a ‘home away from home’ for Adventist students and their friends, not only in Jamaica but as far away as Barbados. The society helps the students in finding their niche in the world and society during their university years through the social, physical and spiritually uplifting activities coordinated by the fellowship. 

Advent fellowship members group photo